Thursday, September 29, 2011

Make a wish !

Hello October Two Thousand Eleven ! :)

Infinite - Paradise Repackage Album 

Hey guys ! I'm back *kinda bz lately ~ I'm totally excited for Infinite - Paradise Music Video ! I think the world is starting to see how Infinite is clearly unique because of their amazing vocals & dance . I wish i could be like them , lol . Still , i won't give up in improving dance doing new song cover with my dance group which is REDO . I'll tell you more about my dance group on my next post *not enough time to write . We'll do a comeback on this october , so just keep updated on REDO fanpage at Facebook . Click HERE 

I'm so into this hairstyle since i watch kiseop in neverland teaser . I think i already did once a few months ago but i guess i'm doing it again since it's not really the same now , lol ! Here :p

Dear God , I wish my life would be better than yesterday everytime i open my eyes on  a new day with full of gratitiude and please forgive all my sins and everybody that keeps praying for you especially my parents and all muslims . Please lead me and all of us to the right path , i wish i could endure all of this pain with sincerity to success in this life and afterlife so it will be bless by you . Mom , Dad , thank you for everything and taught me to be a good man till today . It has been nineteen years i'm in this world . May Allah gather us with the full of bless . Amin :)

P/S : Ily M <3

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  1. love ur hairstle..
    wish more amazing hairstyle frm u