Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Garage Festival

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello to all who kindly visit this blog , thank you :) I would like to wish everyone a great happy new year 2013 ! Wow , it has been an awesome year of 2012 and we finally manage to live with a full of prosperity and good of health  I guess , haha . Well , about this one , I'm gonna share to you guys about the recent event of my dance group which is REDO . Here's the event details , check it out ! 

Title : Korean Bizzare *change to Garage Bazaar 
Date : 22/12/2012
Place : Mia Art Centre *behind restoran pelita KLCC 

Besides that , Malaysian Myb2uty also held a gathering to celebrate Junhyung BEAST birthday wish , and I met a caffein girl but that is another story , haha . Unfortunately , when we came on that place it was so different  like I thought ! The first thing I was like , what the hell is this , then it's start raining ! We were waiting under a canopy and suddenly we heard that the speaker got damage . It was because of the rain but still got sound just not clear enough . Despite that , the stage was so slippery and full with leaves and rocks . We had to arrange the chairs by ourselves but it's okay . Eventough it was a dissapointment and the organizer did a fantastice baby like bigbang job but the crowd never failed to give their support and the event was proceed and we manage to perform on that day . Tq everyone ! :)

Yes , this REDO . The girl at the center is our manager , thanks erin :)

Well , since I'm doing this post in the middle of night and I need to go to bed as fast as I can so I just show you some pictures and the video . Btw , here's the song list for the event ,

Title : Not Me + Beautiful Night By BEAST Cover by REDO

Here's the practice video , I still don't have the actual performance but watch this first ^^

 Ajiq - Junhyung and Dujun, Amen - hyunseung, Wawan - Gikwang, Adam - Yoseob, Evans - Dongwoon

This is the practice studio at Damansara , idk what is the place name so just forget it , haha :p

Hello guys , we're REDO . Please support us ! yeahh :)

10 people take our picture at the same time and we don't know which one to look at , but nvm just smile . haha . damn , I felt terrible that time . haha xD

Thx to all Malaysian Kpoppers who always show their support to make this event so much fun and happening ! Thx to Joe , Riduan , Din , Megat , Ahjussi , Ruby and etc . They are so cool , cool , cool ~

This is some of the Myb2uty fanclub together celebrate Junhyung Beast Birthday ! Happy Birthday Joker ! 

Guess what ?? We're in UTUSAN newspaper on 1st Jan 2013 I think , some of the reporters interview us on that day so no wonder our picture was on this , thank you ! we're really appreciate this ! :)

Lastly , we stop at KLCC park and did some polaroid picture as a gift for Junhyung Birthday , everyone had one and we put it on a book and write our wish on it , I hope he read it all . haha xD
Thannk you everyone ! Have a nice day ! :)