Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I catch the grenade for you .

Everything happens for a reason . Every tears have it own sense . Why did i still thinking about this over and over again , i never thought of this cancer in my heart will take all my memories with u goes away like wind . It's useless to turn back time even how hard i tried to fix it back because it won't happen . I can't be the perfect guy ever in u'r eyes if it's gonna be like this . it's not over yet . it's just a new beginning for u to a new joyful life . without me . the fact is i can't be with u anymore . just for now . earth . maybe i was too late for knowing u . i can't have u'r heart . it's not for me even i want it so bad . be strong . strong to make sumone else happier with u . strong enough to cheer u up like i did . appreciate someone well enough to know how far did u care about others . hate me for going away . it's okay . i'm gonna be ok with that . just let the time heal all the wound . take a good care of u'r future boy . he know what's the best for u right ? not me . i'm not sumone u'r looking for . just a friend that doesn't want to interrupt other people bussiness . just let me go away . it's easier than it looks since i got nothing to do with it . i'm tired of hearing all the rumors . stop asking me why . i won't answer it . u know why . that's the fact that we're not suppose to be what did people think of . it's my false to make it hard for u since i can go away quitely and no one realize about it . just i don't wanna do that . it's more cruel . i did tell u and that's it . i'm really sorry to say this . just let me go away . i'm nothing to u . and i wish that one day there's sumone will make u more happier than i could . i'll be okay here . alone :)

There's only one way that i had to go , that's far away from u . . .

p/s : drop your messages before i died .

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