Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yesterday . .

Teen Top - Crazy *Congrats for winning in Music Bank ! 

Assalamuallaikum wbt , 

Hello peeps , it has been a long time i didn't do any change on my blog ? do you miss me ? haha . Welcome to 2012 and i hope this year will be a bless year for all of us . Recently i'm a bit busy in my campus at Penang. Well , there's something is missing from my previous post which the latest videos about my dance group videos and my own dance cover videos . Maybe some of my video doesn't impressed many ppl but i learn to improve myself from ppl comments and thanks for the dislike because i'm feeling more excited to work harder and change u'r mind in the future . Here's some of my own dance cover video and my group REDO . Enjoy !

Kim Kyu Jong - Yesterday Cover by Evans REDO

Thanks to : Hudy , Rinie and Ridwan :)

Infinite - Be Mine Cover By Evans REDO


Thanks to : Malaysia Inspirit 

Infinite - Be Mine + Btd + Paradise Cover By REDO


Thanks to : Malaysia Inspirits

REDO - Paradise + Fiction + I'm Your Man Cover


Thanks to : SKC Hallyu organisation , MyB2ty , FPF , all kpoppers and fans :)

REDO - Paradise + BTD for MHI TV3 2011

Thanks to : MHI TV3 and Iznie Syazreen drive us to Sri Pentas :) *first time on tv3 !

Amen REDO feat Yandy VIP - Lagu Sedih


Thanks to : VIP

Wawan REDO - It's War by Mblaq Chorus Tutorial 


Thanks to : Wawan edit , phetx and adam .

Teen Top - Intro Dance Cover by Evans crew


Thanks to : Uitm Penang student , crew - Evans , Afzal , Idin , Arip , Zikri and Yus

Phetx REDO - Infinite Paradise Tutorial


Thanks to : wawan and adam

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Zelo from BAP * I'll do my best to cover him for Warrior with REDO , STAY TUNED ! LOVE YOU GUYS ! THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG ! - Evans REDO

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