Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buku dan Pen :D

If you wish a dream to become a reality , go for it now or never - awan

Assalamualaikum wbt ,
Well , kadang2 ape yang kita impikan dalam hidup ni mmg jadi kenyataan bila kita betul2 usahakan untuk impian tu . Semua orang berhak untuk berjaya selagi mereka tak kenal erti putus asa . Better win , or die trying right guys ? thanks for reading and blog walking here .

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heaven March

This gonna be my next hair on this march two thousand eleven - awan

Hello peeps ! It's been a long time that i didn't update any post since last february and i did my comeback with a whole new life with my new carrier as a member of my new dance group . If you wanna watch the videos just wait for latest update on facebook . The coolest thing that i just knew is my group just been invited to an annual dinner and doing some performance on april so we're doing our best for the stage . I can't tell you'll much about the group since the group just start on last few weeks and we're gonna do some street dance and korean pop dance . I don't know how i've been asked to join the group as they also knew that i'm the one who's been following this genre of music . I really hope this gonna be the awesome thing on the future . Just wait for the teaser guys :)

These are the songs that i've been practising ,

2pm - i'll be back

Beast - Shock and Soom

Teen Top - Supa Luv

She's the girl that i'm adored so damn much ! i love her eyes and her style !

God , she's so damn beautiful in the Kara - Jumping music video *_*~ Seung Yeon fever . lolz .

                                                          Oh G , she's soooooo freakin hot !
Please drop u'r comment if u have any suggestion guys ! thx :3