Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm so sorry .

It's so weird when sometimes we are about to think of someone who we doesn't know well enough , it's different when we thought of something we didn't expected to happen , and it's useless if we didn't chase something of what we dream of everytime it on front of our eyes . 

 Yes , it doesn't make sense of what i have been thinking all day long . it's something that i never think of . lastly i felt terrible . way to cruel to myself and the other person that doesn't done anything wrong to me . besides , i can't forget how it happen . It froze my heart for a while when the last time she said to me . i'm useless , i'm to pathetic to her and to myself . Yes , i'm crazy . crazy to tell the truth . it's hard to get it right when it doesn't act as we want . well , it always be the same that the fact is i was wrong . maybe she's right . i'm an idiot in u'r eyes . i'm way to selfish and didn't care about what u think right ? i was wrong from beginning for knowing u ! stop put all the blame on u instead of me ! i mess it up ? hell yea . useless guy . how can i be with u if there's sumone who already there for u ? wth am i still waiting for u'r messages every night ? this can't be right for me to think of her anymore . it's already over for me and her . we're nothing than stranger or likely sumone who didn't know each other now and afterwards . i'm sorry to hurt u and the way that i tell u to stay away from me . the truth is it's not something that i really want . i like u and always do but it's because of u'r future . i did it because i don't want to interrupt someone girlfriend and it stupid to fight just because a girl . i had it once and i won't start it again . it's more stupid than we thought . again , i'm sorry to let u go . but i just u wanna know that at least i had hold u in my hear and i'll hold it forever in my memories . i wish u had a better life without me . happier with him :)

p/s : just let the cloud fade away like it always does :)

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